Olivia Newton-John Collection
Foreign Lyrics 3

Date of last update: 04. November 2019

I honestly love you

Mon amour, mon impossible amour
(French version)

Il y a dans la ville
Un jardin tranquille
J' y passe souvent dans la journée
Tu as pris mon allée
Et tu t'es en allé

Et depuis, je t'attends tous les jours

Mon amour
Mon impossible amour

Tu étais seul, sans doute
Tu savais la route
Car tu marchais d'un pas pressé
Tu m'as regardée de l'autre côté

Et pour toi la vie suivait son cours

Mon amour
Mon impossible

Je me promène tous les jours dans ce jardin
Dans l'espoir de te revoir de loin
Quant tu passes tout près de moi, je pleure
Des larmes de bonheur
Et j'ai le vague au coeur

Je t' aime
Mon amour

Mon impossible amour

Ça ne sert à rien
Je le sais très bien
Car je n'aurai jamais le courage
De forcer le hasard
À chaque fois tu pars
J'ai gardé pour moi mon message

Je t'aime
Mon impossible amour
Mon impossible amour

I would like to thank
Nathalie Nadeau
from Quèbec in Canada
very much for her support. She gave me the French lyrics of the song because my school French is very bad after all these years.

My Love, My Impossible Love
(English translation of the French version)

I approach the city through a quiet garden,
During the day, I often come through here,
You came this way and then you left,
And since then I have waited for you every day.

My love,
my impossible love.

You were alone,
And you obviously knew your way,
Because you walked with a hurried pace.
You glanced at me from the other side,
And for you life was following its course,

My love,
my impossible love.

I walk every day through this garden,
In the hopes of seeing you again,
When you pass by near me,
I cry tears of joy,

I love you,
My love,
my impossible love.

It’s useless, I know that very well,
And I will never have the courage,
To tempt fate,
And every time you went by,
I kept my message to myself:

I love you,
My impossible love.
My impossible love.

I used this translation from the web-page of Only Olivia

I honestly love you
(Original version)

Maybe I hang around here a little more than I should
We both know I got somewhere else to go
But I got something to tell you that I never thought I would
and I believe you really ought to know.

I love you. I honestly love you.

You don't have to answer I see it in your eyes
and maybe it was better left unsaid
this is pure and simple and you must realise
that it's coming from my heart and not me head.

I love you. I honestly love you.

I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable
I' m not trying to make you anything at all
but this feeling doesn't come along every day
and you shouldn't blow the chance
when you got the chance to say:

I love you. I love you. I honestly love you.

If we both were born in an other place and time
this moment might be ending in a kiss
but there you are with yours and here I am with mine
So I guess we just be leaving it at this
I love you. I honestly love.
I honestly love you.