Olivia Newton-John Collection
Hit Sampler

Date of last update: 04. November 2019

Hit Sampler LPs

Die große & aktuelle Starparade 72/2

(Olivia sings
"Unten am Fluß, der Ohio heißt")

GER 1972

Polydor 2371256

20 Dynamic Hits

(Olivia sings
"On the Banks of the Ohio")

GER 1973 K-Tel TG 101

This is a very special LP because it once brought me to Olivia and her music.
I finally bought it 27 years after I first heard it !

Music for UNICEF USA 1979

Polydor PD-1-6-6214

Pop inside the 6o's

(Olivia sings "Till you say you'll be mine" and "Roll like the river")

GB 1988

See for miles SEE 243

The Greatest of the Greats ISR 1982

Portrait EMTV 32

Date of last update: 04. November 2019